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Consumer Convenience Technologies

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Address:5730 Webster Street, Dayton, OH 45414
Contact:Brandon Bach, President

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Information About Consumer Convenience Technologies

Who We Are

Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT) developed the EEASY Lid which is a software designed technology that reduces the amount of vacuum setting making it 50% easier to open than the standard jar lid. CCT's mission has been to make an easier opening jar lid for those that have some sort of disability, are over the age of 65 and for everyone else that just struggle to open a vacuum sealed jar. The first major jar lid innovation in 75 years, the EEASY Lid is setting the new standard for inclusivity because all family members can safely use it.


The EEASY Lid (Closure for vacuum sealed products in glass jars)



What We Do

The all inclusive EEASY Lid is offered from a 58mm to 82mm aluminum lug lid or a 70G aluminum CT (continuous thread) for vacuum sealed products in glass jars giving the consumer a better experience with less stress trying to open. The EEASY Lid being made from aluminum is a sustainable product also helping with the environment do to the fact that aluminum is more desirable than steel to recycle.

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