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Cornucopia Listing Tutorial

Please see the tutorial video, as well as the written directions written below.

Step 1.  Register Your Account

Step 2.  Fill in Your Company Details

  • Click into each of the 5 fields at the top and choose whichever subtopics pertain to your company
  • If there is information you’d like to display, but you do not see it in one of the five fields at the top, use the larger text field at the bottom to list Custom sub-topics.  (Please note: the way in which you write these sub-topics will be the way they display on the website, so be sure to use accurate spelling)
  • Click next

Step 3.  Fill in Additional Company Information

  • Fill in the remaining fields with details about your company.  This information will be displayed to visitors of the ANYSFP website.
  • When you are finished, click Submit to register your profile

Upon submission, your profile will be reviewed by an administrator from the Association.

Once it is approved, you will receive an email with a link to your Company Profile page.  You will continue to use your initial account information to log in and make edits.


To view your Member Profile:

  • Go to the website’s navigation menu, and click Cornucopia Member Database
  • You can search by category, or browse the list of companies to find yours
  • If you’d like to edit your Member Profile, visit your Member Profile page, and click on the green link beneath your company name.  You must be logged in to make changes.




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