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Paul Guglielmo of Guglielmo’s Sauce: Featured Business Owner of the Month

Guglielmo founded his small business in 2014, based in the Greater Rochester region, called Guglielmo Sauce, a line of 15+ marinara sauces.

“I can trace this recipe to at least the 1930s. My Great-Grandmother Mary Petrocelli-Guglielmo was raising a family of 10 between herself, her husband, and my Grandpa Pete and his seven brothers and sisters. It was The Great Depression and any food that could be grown instead of purchased was preferred. For that reason, my Great Grandma maintained a garden, in place of her yard. Every inch of the yard was dedicated to growing some sort of fruit or vegetable.”

Read Guglielmo’s Full Origin Story Here

The product is available in over 500 stores, including Wegmans, Tops and Whole Foods.

And Growing

Paul recently purchased food manufacturing facility Permac Enterprises Inc. located in Bergen, NY of Genesee County.

The transaction took place in early May, 2020. Permac is one of only six USDA cannery manufacturing plants in New York State and specializes in taking recipes from individuals, restaurants or food production brands, and adjusting it for large production.

As CEO, Guglielmo will manage all operations, marketing, production, sales and business strategy and growth for the organization, and will continue his role as CEO of Guglielmo Sauce.

“I’m living out my dream” said Guglielmo. “I started Guglielmo Sauce in 2014 and it grew beyond what I ever could’ve imagined. Today I own a well respected, well-oiled manufacturing facility; the one that helped me start Guglielmo Sauce on Day 1.”

“Permac was my first partner. This team is a group of some of the hardest working partners and I’m excited for the opportunity to lead our team, grow this manufacturing facility, and turn out great product for stores and customers across the markets we serve.”

What’s Next?

Paul will announce the new name of the Manufacturing Facility later this summer/fall, and invites restaurant professionals/entrepreneurs/foodies with a product and looking to have it canned/jarred/bottled, please call him (cell is 585-350-5788) and consider Permac (new name coming soon!) for production of more great products!

Upcoming Fireside Chat

ANYSFP will be hosting a virtual fireside chat with Paul on September 23rd and we invite you to join.



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